embodied learning

The importance of embodiment, arts expression and deep ecology in education


Welcome to Embodied Learning.

These pages are being created as a resource for teachers and therapists to complement my face to face teaching. They are intended to be used primarily for self-work, self-care, burnout prevention and peer supervision.

Rosey Faire

A potted history of how I came to develop this site…

I’ve been teaching in tertiary education since 1981 in fields including biology (my PhD from Macquarie Uni is in epigenetics), somatic education (my postdoctoral MA from Ohio State Uni is in Somatic Studies), Music Therapy (UTS Grad Dip) and Expressive Arts Therapy (European Grad School, Switzerland, Cert in Adv Grad Studies). I’ve been coordinating the UTS Music Therapy course (Grad Dip/Masters) since 2002. Since my work at UTS is coming to a close I needed a site through which to follow up my supervision sessions and workshops. Your feedback about the kinds of questions that have arisen from your somatic and expressive arts explorations will be helpful in making this site a more useful resource.

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